Please consider a donation to your non-profit Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization

All property owners and renters within the neighborhood boundaries may join and participate in the Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization free of charge. No donations are expected of any resident. However, your organization gets almost no city funding for its operations, events, or outreach, so your donations enable the organization to do more for the neighborhood.

Your donations will help Canyon Palms fulfill our mission, including paying for:

  • Communications with neighborhood residents (postage, printing flyers, hosting and maintenance of this website)
  • Basic banking/credit union fees
  • Community events, such as a block party, potlucks, etc. (Once safe to do so, of course)
  • “Blade signs” to identify our neighborhood. The design is below.

We recently completed a fundraising drive that covered purchase of the signs and other current expenses. We slightly exceeded our $3,000 goal thanks to the generosity of the following neighbors:

  1. Anonymous
  2. Stuart Bader and Rick Werlin
  3. Charlie Cain, Jason Morgan and “Cooper”
  4. Canyon South 1 Homeowners Association
  5. John Carlisle and Michael Mathias
  6. Jim and Debbie Cioffi
  7. Catherine Congleton
  8. Kirsten Gardea
  9. Howard Goldberg
  10. Leonard M. and Helene Kalfuss
  11. Janice Kaminsky
  12. Matt Lancellotti and Joe Hogan
  13. Peter and Maureen Lancellotti
  14. Mike and Julie Lazzari
  15. Jeffrey Malloy and Dean Shibuya
  16. Ken Patrick and Vern Dufford
  17. Gary Sussman and Rick Kiser
  18. Carl and Lynda Toland
  19. Greg Tormo
  20. David Vignolo and Bill Mitchell
  21. Doug Wylie and Matt Lund
  22. Jeffrey Zeitlin

We continue to raise money for future expenses.

We are using the online fundraising platform Givebutter to accept donations by credit card, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Google Pay. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to add a small amount to your donation to cover this convenience.

Any contribution you can make is most appreciated! Contact us if you have something to tell us or ask us about your donation.

Thank you! Please note that although we are a non-profit organization we do not qualify as a charitable organization, and therefore your contribution is not tax-deductible


Q. Can I donate by check?

Yes! Make your check payable to Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization and then contact us for instructions on how to get it deposited into our account at Sun Community Federal Credit Union. We will arrange to pick up a paper check or give you our credit union membership number if you wish to send the check via your online banking.

Q. Why is there a fee to donate by Venmo?

Venmo has no fee for many payment methods but we do incur a fee by incorporating it into an online payment platform with the other options.

Q. Will I get a receipt?

Your Givebutter payment record or canceled check will provide confirmation that your donation was received. Since we are not a charity, there is no need to retain a receipt for tax purposes, but you may contact us for one.