About Us

Mission Statement

  • To act as a conduit to our city government to raise neighborhood concerns, and to effect change where possible;
  • To build an informed and engaged neighborhood and help to ensure neighbors are well aware of public safety and emergency situations;
  • To offer opportunities for neighbors to voice their concerns; and
  • To promote neighborliness and goodwill across the entire neighborhood.


Elected Oct. 26, 2019

Wendy Anderson
Catherine L. Congleton (vice chair)
Howard Goldberg (communications)
Janice Kaminsky
Matthew Lancelot (treasurer)
Kenneth J. Patrick
Greg Tormo (chair)
David A. Vignolo (secretary)

Official Representative to the ONE-PS Organization: David A. Vignolo


Adopted Oct. 26, 2019: Bylaws


Northern: La Verne Way.
Eastern: Eastern edge of Section 26, between E. La Verne Way down to and including 2482 S. Toledo Avenue.

Southern: A straight line from the eastern edge of Section 26 aligned to the northern property lines of the homes on the northside of E. Via Estrella.

Western: The eastern property lines of the homes on the east side of S. Caliente Road, between E. Via Estrella and E. Sierra Way.

Additional Southern: The northern property lines of the homes on the northside of E. Sierra Way, between S. Caliente Road and S. Camino Real.

Expandable city map with district overlay is online here.