Code enforcement/public works Safety

Your street safety

The Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization (CPNO) aims to facilitate communication between our residents and the City. We’ve created a short questionnaire to better understand your concerns and suggestions regarding traffic-related issues. This is a first step in our efforts to engage with the City on these topics in what we expect to be an ongoing dialog with numerous opportunities for idea exchange and feedback. Let’s get started!

Please answer several questions about local traffic by clicking this link.


Boundaries reduced

A Special General Membership Meeting on Nov. 9, 2020 amended the Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization bylaws to reduce the boundaries to exclude Canyon Estates. That HOA’s board requested the change, and the CPNO board voted on Oct. 19 to approve it and present it to the entire membership.

All residents and property owners were invited to participate in the special meeting. ONE-PS hosted a videoconference on Zoom with about 80 participants, including 74 recorded as official members, easily a quorum. A majority voted for the motion without dissent.