Board and Committees Signs

Blade sign designed

The Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization board recently reviewed several “blade” sign designs developed over the past several months. Since 2008, the city has allowed its officially recognized neighborhood organizations to purchase blade signs with their neighborhood names to be attached to existing street signs. The neighborhoods choose the locations and pay for upkeep. The signs must meet rigorous specifications.

After an exhaustive review of the blade signage of the other 47 neighborhood organizations, and in consultation with the Office of Neighborhoods, various ONE-PS officials with expertise in neighborhood blade signage, and collaboration with myriad professional designers and branding experts, the board unanimously agreed on the design shown here.

UPDATE 9/2020: Thank you to those who provided feedback on the comment form we had on this post for a few months. The design was approved by the board and city officials. Homeowners and residents of the neighborhood who wish to donate to help pay for the signs may do so here.