Canyon Palms

Welcome to Canyon Palms, established in November 2019 as the 48th organized neighborhood of Palm Springs.

The Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization is a group of neighbors organized to address a range of issues for the purpose of maintaining and improving the livability and character of the Canyon Palms neighborhood by encouraging neighborhood identity and participation. The Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization also facilitates communication with the City of Palm Springs through its active involvement as an officially recognized Neighborhood Organization and Member of Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs (ONE-PS).

Neighborhood policing officers Shelby Jiles and Jacob Valdivia address the Inaugural General Membership Meeting.

Coronavirus Update

The neighborhood organization board met by videoconference on May 20 after postponing its scheduled April 6 meeting as a result of the stay-at-home order. The city has established a hotline (760-902-1155) to answer questions. More information is here on the city website.