Canyon Palms

Welcome to Canyon Palms, established in November 2019 as the 48th organized neighborhood of Palm Springs.

Latest News and Events

Annual meeting

All neighborhood residents are invited to attend our General Membership Meeting on Saturday, November 13, at the Palm Springs Fire Training Facility, 3000 E. Alejo Road, 10 a.m. to noon.

We will discuss neighborhood issues and hear from our district city council member, Mayor Pro Tem Lisa Middleton. Other invited speakers are Danny DeSelms, the city’s emergency management coordinator; police neighborhood liaisons Officers Jacob Valdivia and Shelby Jiles, and representatives of the Office of Neighborhoods and Palm Springs Fire Department.

We are meeting in a city facility and will follow the city’s Covid safety protocols, which currently require face coverings indoors in public settings regardless of vaccination status. Bring a mask to wear except when eating or drinking the refreshments we’ll provide.

The annual meeting is when we elect our board of directors. The ballot was set a month in advance, but members can run as write-in candidates by declaring interest before or at the meeting. If you have ideas for future neighborhood activities, please speak up at the meeting. (View our latest activities.)

The agenda also includes votes on bylaws amendments. We hope to dispatch that business as efficiently as possible, and you can help by reading the proposed changes before the meeting and coming prepared with any questions.

Our inaugural General Membership Meeting was Oct. 26, 2019. Our bylaws call for Annual General Membership Meetings in the first calendar quarter. Although ONE-PS has waived that requirement during the pandemic, we hope to schedule a virtual General Membership Meeting to achieve a satisfactory resolution of all issues involved in changing the boundaries.

The Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization is a group of neighbors organized to address a range of issues for the purpose of maintaining and improving the livability and character of the Canyon Palms neighborhood by encouraging neighborhood identity and participation. The Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization also facilitates communication with the City of Palm Springs through its active involvement as an officially recognized Neighborhood Organization and Member of Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs (ONE-PS).

Neighborhood policing officers Shelby Jiles and Jacob Valdivia address the Inaugural General Membership Meeting.

Lt. Gus Araiza is our Palm Springs neighborhood police liaison at or (760) 323-8119. Non-emergency issues should first be reported by calling the non-emergency telephone number (760) 327-1441, or visiting the City of Palm Springs ( web application. There you can click Connect and the appropriate link under Submit/Report. When Lt. Araiza is not available, you may also contact Lt. Frank Browning at or (760) 323-8121.