Canyon Palms

Welcome to Canyon Palms, established in November 2019 as the 48th organized neighborhood of Palm Springs.

Latest news

In September, the Canyon Estates HOA – representing residents and property owners within the Canyon Estates community who are also eligible Members of the CPNO – began an initiative to form their own ONE-PS neighborhood organization. 

The Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization Board voted on October 19 to approve the following reduced boundaries. (A map has been posted below.) 

Proposed Canyon Palms Neighborhood Boundaries:

  • Northern and Western:  La Verne Way between E. Twin Palms Dr and S. Camino Real
  • Eastern: Eastern edge of Section 26, between E. La Verne Way down to and including 2090 S. Toledo Ave
  • Southern: A line beginning at the eastern edge of Section 26 and ending at S. Camino Real aligned to the northern property lines of the homes on the north side of Sierra Way

Our Bylaws require a majority of the Members of the CPNO present at an Annual or Special General Membership Meeting approve any amendment to the Bylaws. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, this special meeting will be conducted via ZOOM on Monday, November 9, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Instructions on how to join this meeting will be posted here on or before November 2.

All individuals claiming primary or secondary residency and property owners within our current neighborhood boundaries are invited to participate in this meeting.  However, each residential address is entitled to one vote and proxy voting is not permitted.

Our inaugural General Membership Meeting was Oct. 26, 2019. Our bylaws call for Annual General Membership Meetings in the first calendar quarter. Although ONE-PS has waived that requirement during the pandemic, we hope to schedule a virtual General Membership Meeting to achieve a satisfactory resolution of all issues involved in changing the boundaries.

The Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization is a group of neighbors organized to address a range of issues for the purpose of maintaining and improving the livability and character of the Canyon Palms neighborhood by encouraging neighborhood identity and participation. The Canyon Palms Neighborhood Organization also facilitates communication with the City of Palm Springs through its active involvement as an officially recognized Neighborhood Organization and Member of Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs (ONE-PS).

Neighborhood policing officers Shelby Jiles and Jacob Valdivia address the Inaugural General Membership Meeting.

Proposed amended boundaries

Map shows neighborhood excluding the Canyon Estates HOA. (sign locations updated 10/9/20)